Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lenten Traditions Week 1

Daisy and Magnolia adding the final thorns before cooking the crown.
As we began Lent this week on Ash Wednesday, we are trying to truly think about living simply.  One of the most beautiful traditions we will use this year is the Family Crown of Thorns.  We created our own Crown of Thorns using a braided salt dough ring.  Each toothpick represents the sins and failings of our life that Jesus suffered and died for.  As we move through the Lenten season, we will try to remove the toothpicks by sacrificing and doing good deeds.  The children need to ask to remove a thorn, but hopefully they will all be gone by Good Friday when we will prepare to decorate it for Easter with jewels and flowers to make a real crown for the King of Kings.
Here is our finished product!

Last night in our youth group meeting at church, we made a modified version of the Crown of Thorns out of play dough and toothpicks.  Hopefully the playdough dries quickly and the children can have their own Lenten projects.  Some of the kids were really excited and added so many thorns. I hope they all made it home safely ;) and their parents enjoy the fruits of their works during the season.  Here are some examples of their colorful creations.

For more specific directions visit Catholic Moms Helper for step by step instructions.

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  1. My girls are still using their crown of thorns, what a great idea! We had them out for our girls birthday party, and the family loved asking the girls about them, thanks Megan!