Saturday, September 3, 2011

Learning & Remembering: 9-11 lapbook

Came across this blog post by His Mercy is New: Learning & Remembering: 9-11 lapbook:

I wanted to plan something for next week when we remember the 10th anniversary of this national tragedy. I will definitely be using (and sharing) her ideas.

Elizabeth Foss over at Real Learning also posted some great ideas and books that I have requested at the library. Unfortunately The Little Chapel that Stood is not in our system, but as Elizabeth mentions, you can read the book online here too!


  1. Megan: Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is lovely! I see you live in/near Loveland?! Are you connected with the grail movement at all? I have a friend whose grandparents were very active in it.


  2. Thanks Allison,
    I am familiar with the grail, but a little confused about it. I think it has somewhat evolved from the past and may not be the same as it originally was. (that's my pc way of saying it seems very different that what I thought it was).
    Thanks for visiting! Megan