Monday, April 23, 2012

A Food Bump in the Road

So in our attempt to eat real food more consistently, I started feeling worse not better and at the same time, I decided to try another attempt at getting my seasonal allergies under control.  Well, imagine my surprise when the allergy test revealed all sorts of food sensitivities my body had developed.  And the kicker was the real food, the whole foods that I was adding to our family diet were the precise ones that my body was rejecting.

My symptoms had been rather vague up to now, raw carrots and a few other raw vegetables seemed to cause my throat to tickle or itch when I ate them, but I really just thought that was impossible.  So I started undergoing a rather new treatment to desensitize myself to these triggers in food and environment.  So far I have experienced some relief, but I am afraid to say my food entries (and our whole/real food plan) will be rather limited until I figure this out a little more.  Currently my diet is limited to eggs, chicken, beef and pork, wheat, and a very limited selection of colorless fruits and vegetables.

If anyone else has experience with food sensitivities (gluten is not a problem for me), or with AAT sensitivity treatments let me know!

Until then,  enjoy the food for me!


  1. My son had serious issues when he was 2-5 years old and the doc kept prescribing asthma medications. I finally took him to a Natropath doctor who checked him for food sensitivities and determined he was sensitive to cows milk and milk products. We stopped feeding him anything with cows milk and all his symptoms went away. He had respiratory and intestinal issues. After a few years of being off milk products entirely we slowly added a little back into his diet ( one item at a time)and determined that he could handle limited amounts a most things except actual milk. He's now 14 and knows and understands his dietary limitations and gets along fine. It's amazing how what we eat can affect our well being!

    I’m happy to have found your blog on Catholic moms online. I’ve been blogging a little while and have set up a blog meme to help us as Catholics and as moms meet each other out there in this big blogosphere. I hope you’ll stop by and check it out. If it seems like something you’d like to become a part of … join in!

    Good luck with your food predicament!


    1. Thanks Holly for your encouragement and comments! I will definitely check your blog out! Happy blogging!

  2. Megan~Thanks for stopping by and for you kind words. That parking lot at your school sounds like one of my worst nightmares! The linkup for pay It Forward is open until May 14th. You have so many great posts to link. In fact I'm going to check out some of your recipes right now!

    Your newest follower...