Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Trip Downtown

So we have been busy the past 3 days.

For President's Day, we intended to head to the Cincinnati Museum Center, but turned around when we saw both parking lots were completely full.  EEEK, no point in visiting when it is that crazy,  being able to go on a quiet day is just one of the benefits of making our own schedule. :)

So instead, since the Art Museum was closed on Mondays and the Krohn Conservatory is now closed Mondays for budget cuts, we headed downtown for a new adventure ... we visited the Downtown Public Library.  Since it was pouring down rain, the library was busy, so we checked out a calligraphy exhibit and spent our time in the new children's section.  It has been so long since I have been in the library downtown, I am not sure it still qualifies as "new", but it was new to us.  After going over the ground rules with the girls, we had a nice visit and got to check out all of the great books available downtown.  I will say though, it seems most of the adult books have been put away in the stacks, replaced by computer terminals, audio books, cds and dvds.  Entire 2 floors of the library.  Oh how I miss the days when you would bring your slip to the info desk and wait for your number to light up so you could go collect your treasured research from the elevator dumb waiter behind the desk.

We are so fortunate to live in a city with such a fantastic public library system.  The collection of resources owned by PLCHC is fantastic and we appreciate it everyday that we take another book from our library box, or get an email that another requested book is now available.  I need to make a mental note to remember that next time the library has another levy on the ballot..  If only they would not resort to the same scare tactics they used last time but focused on all the wonders of their system..   Oh well.... yay! for books!

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  1. Brave, brave girl! So proud of you! After visiting with you the other night, I definitely need to take advantage of our library. I seem to make it more work than it's worth. the girls love going to the computer, looking up a subject and finding the book. I should probably also send in a list ahead of time, so we have a box waiting for us. That would be awesome! I will be in touch with you on that...