Saturday, February 19, 2011

Semester I Summary

Well the first half of the year has finished up and I think we have gotten off to a great start! Here is a rundown of the activities and experiences we had:
Lincoln's Boyhood Home National Park in Indiana
Visit to Chicago, IL and the Field Museum, American Girl Place, Adler Planetarium, Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Children's Museum
Walt Disney World Homeschool Days, including a tour or world cultures through Epcot :)
Cincinnati Children's Theater productions of How I Became a Pirate and Holiday Follies
Multiple visits to the Cincinnati Zoo
Cincinnati Ballet production of Sleeping Beauty
Multiple visits to Cincinnati Museum Center:  Cincinnati History Museum, Cincinnati Children's Museum, Cincinnati Natural History Museum, Hubble IMAX film
Visit to Washington DC to the Newseum, the Monuments of the National Mall, the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Museums
University of Dayton exhibit Nativities Around the World

Whew! It seems like we were busy.  And we still managed to finish our semester on time!

So SH and I sat down during Christmas to discuss this "homeschool experiment" so far.  We looked at each other and said, "Well I don't see any reason to not keep doing this next year."  So as for now, it looks like we will continue on this adventure.  That is somewhat a relief as I felt like I had to cram all sorts of "we will never have this opportunity again" trips into the last semester. ;)

Semester II here we come!


  1. Congrats! Glad it's going so well! Want to homeschool mine too? Haha! Love you!

  2. We need to plan our Disney Trip together next year, sounds like fun! Thanks for all of the ideas for some awesome trips! Looking for something special for them a couple days over spring break, since I have to leave them for a trip for hubby's work the same week. I will look into a couple of your ideas, thanks!

  3. Lucy - ha! wouldn't that be funny? It was so great to see you this month!

    Melissa- I would love to go together ;) Let's get together over Spring Break!