Friday, July 29, 2011

Homeschool Help: Saint Report Form

I have been creating forms and pages to use for our homeschooling this year. I will be sharing these on my blog for anyone who wants to use them. The first is a saint report form. I will be adding more as I get them made!

My children will be adding saint reports to their curriculum this year, so I made this form to make it a little easier for them to hit the highlights! It is fashioned on the book report forms CHC uses in their 2nd grade curriculum.

If you add these to your blog, please credit my blog as your source. :)

Saint Report Form


  1. Love this, Megan! I've added your lovely blog to my sidebar at Homeschool Goodies. So glad you ivsited today!

  2. This is great! Thank you so much for sharing it. Definitely something we could use in the next school year :) Aw, I'm sad that you'll be leaving Michigan for California now that I've 'met' you! Since we decided to embark on this adventure, we've been so pleased to discover just how friendly Michigan is to homeschooling families and am grateful that the Lord led us here.

  3. Thanks Evann, I moved your blog into the Catholic blogs on my site! My good friend was a Duplantier from New Orleans. any connection?

    Thanks Dwija! We are actually in OH, but if we make it up north I will let you know! We love MI cherries! enjoy your year, it will be great! PS. I added you to my side bar too!