Monday, October 24, 2011

Deer Valley Days

We have been looking for a way to enjoy summer camp with our girls and this year we found it!
Introducing YMCA Deer Valley Family Camp
We had heard of Deer Valley from some friends at church who recommended it as their best family vacation.  So this year we got in off the waiting list and tried it out!
WOW! Once we got over the fact that we really were adults (used to certain luxuries) at summer camp, we could really have fun!  Below is a pictorial essay of our week away!
Fun for Kids!
Deer Valley1
Time spent in the Arts and Crafts Building
Deer Valley
Fun for Adults
Hiking, Mt. Davis and days at Big Springs
For all the sing a longs, bug juice, campfires, and more, Deer Valley was the place for us.  Maybe it is for you too!

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