Saturday, February 4, 2012

International Book Giving Day: February 14 AND Giveaway

So my poor little blog has been very neglected over the holiday months and through the winter dreariness, but I came across an idea today that I just loved and is timely too.

If your house is anything like mine, we have books...  lots of them,  too many books really, but I am sentimental and find it hard to part with them.  But I have always advocated the giving of books, old, new, recycled. It doesn't matter.

Books for gift exchanges,  books for birthday party goody bags, books for birthdays and Christmas... Yes, if you know me, plan on receiving a book at some time from me. :)

But this post I read today over at Delightful Children's Books inspired me to a new Valentine's tradition of books!  Go read her post, which is full of delightful ideas for sharing books and her blog which as the title says is full of delightful children's books.  But before you leave here, leave a comment letting me know which book you will send to a child this Valentine's Day and I will pick one reader to receive one of our favorite books!

As for me,  my god children will all be receiving a book this Valentine's Day,  so watch your mailbox!!!


  1. We have tons of books, but with a 7 year old, and my last, I tend to hold onto any picture book she will sit and listen to. But what a great cause! I will sit down with her and come up with some, and leave you a title soon...

  2. Thanks so much for encouraging others to give books to kids this Valentine's Day!