Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cooking Slump

So Baseball teams and atheletes go through slumps where nothing seems to work out.  Right?  

Well has anyone ever gone through a cooking slump?

I think this has been my least successful month with cooking since I had just gotten married and had 2 small toddlers running around.  Even those meals were tastier,  albeit sometimes "well done" ;)

But this month has been just awful.  I have used tried and true recipes that I know we all like and for some reason they all have turned out just plain bad....  maybe it is the ingredients, maybe it is the modifications,  ... maybe it is the cook.

Anyway, between my cooking and Rose not eating anything worthwhile at meals, I am definitely in a slump right now and eating out is so very tempting. Even the sandwiches at the gym are better than my cooking lately.

So this is a shout out for support.  Have any of you gone through a cooking slump?  What brought you out of it?  and How did you do it?

So thanks in advance for the support and I guess next week's menus will be forthcoming.  ...

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