Friday, March 9, 2012

New Homeschool Help - Multiplication Copywork

In trying to help my kids memorize their math facts, flash cards and quiz sheets have not been a lot of success.  So I started to look for copywork that would include math facts.

Through research online, I found a few resources, but either I did not like how they were divided, or the font was too small, or they were just too costly.  So I created my own.

I have posted the multiplication facts on my blog and they are free for all to share.

The document is a pdf file with a different set of facts on each page.  The document includes the multiplication facts for 2 through 12.  You can print off whatever page you want to work on at that time until your child gets the facts down.

I am a big fan of copywork as it reinforces in the memory the correct answer or spelling or fact unlike flash cards that often reinforce wrong answers!

As I have a lefty coming up, I will be creating a left-handed version with the facts on the right soon.  I also have an addition version on its way!

If you share my sheets, please link directly back to my blog!  Thanks!

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  1. perfect timing, my friend! As Emily's math gets harder, the more I realize how some simple computations are slowing her down. Thanks! I'll try to print them soon.