Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun with Felt

Today, while Magnolia was at her weekly montessori time, I took Daisy and Rose for a little felt crafting workshop at a fabulous new shop in Madeira.  It is called the Craft Village Shop and the owner Young Sook is a delightful woman with loads of patience and enthusiasm for teaching felt crafting.

The shop is located on Miami, right next to the Catholic Shop and the Subway/Starbucks strip.

Since this was our first time felting, we did an introductory lesson by creating a flat felt picture.  Here are Daisy and Rose preparing the felt backgrounds for their picture.

After that, the girls were able to use the colored felts to tease images and designs into their picture.

Here were the finished projects to be hung on their walls at home.

We had so much fun, we plan to add this to our monthly calendar!

They are looking forward to making felt fairy babies next!

Be sure to check out this delightful shop if you are local.  www.craftvillageshop.com They have some fun classes coming up including craft ideas for St. Valentine's Day.  She has so many wonderful natural toys and crafts (think Waldorf) and fabulous birthday party ideas.  And go ahead and like their facebook page CraftVillageShop.


  1. This is so cool! It looks like you ladies had fun!! :)

  2. How fun! I love needle felting!! Something about the action of poking a little needle thousands of times to create something... my husband thinks I'm nuts but it is very cathartic...lol!

    1. Thanks Melody!

      Yes it was also interesting to see the different techniques and methods used. Something about different temperaments.... I did not get to try yet, but am thinking, like you, it could be therapeutic. ;)

      THANKS for the COMMENT!