Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life of Fred Worksheets UPDATED!

Today I added 4 more worksheets to the Life of Fred Worksheets.

Life of Fred Edgewood
Life of Fred Farming
Life of Fred Goldfish
Life of Fred Honey

My kids like them because they help keep them organized when doing their work in Life of Fred and they make their portfolios looks nice!

In reviewing the books, I thought they seemed like a perfect opportunity to do some notebooking in their portfolios of the concepts covered so I started creating some generic Life of Fred Notebooking Pages.  These pages go along with each of the first four elementary books and include a space to draw a picture (or copy Fred's drawings) and write out the work from Your Turn to Play.  I am sharing the sheets here on my blog.

If you would like more information on the Life of Fred Math Series check out my review from last year here!

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