Monday, January 14, 2013

Top 3 Posts of 2012

Here is an update on the 3 most visited posts of our 2012 year!

Number 3:  Homeschool Help: Saint Report Form

The Saint Report Form that I made has been a great help this year.  It gives the girls a starting point to investigate any particular saint.  Sometimes they do not have all the answers and then they get to do some further research to find out!  Usually I go to google images and print out a small image of the saint for them to add to their report.  Go to the post to download the saint report form to use in your homeschool!

Number 2:  Life of Fred Worksheets

We are slowly moving our way through the elementary series of Life of Fred.  Rose has zoomed through on her own and needs more of the books, but Daisy and Magnolia and I have not really made time for them this fall, so we need to get back to them.
The worksheets I created are just a "fun" way to give the kids some journaling pages to do their work on when it is "their turn"!  Go to the post to download the saint report form to use in your homeschool!

Recently I came across a great site that thoroughly walked through where to start your child with Life of Fred.  I do not know if it is endorsed by the author, but it includes the new intermediate books and I felt that it was a very thorough analysis.  You can visit the site here:

Number 1:  Our Homeschool Room 2011-2012

We have way too many books.  I am trying to create a library for my 3 kids to keep them organized. Most of the time, my kids can not find things even when they are looking right at them.

Apparently I am not alone.  Homeschool moms want to be organized.  We need to be organized.  But how do we do it???

Expedit shelves by IKEA are hot.  Hot, as in popular, not hot.  They are versatile, they hold a lot of stuff and they keep things organized.  NOW if only I did not have so many things to organize....

Here are the old photos!

I tend to get bored easily and move my furniture at least every 6 months.  Here are some pics of the latest arrangement, (ignore all the clutter on the school table, otherwise the picture will never get taken.)  :)

Presenting:  Our Homeschool Room 2012-2013

Wall one:  Shelf 1: Moms bookshelf of teachers books, resources, books I am trying to hide from eager readers, etc.

Shelf 2: Rose's books by subject in cubbies and art supplies and books.

Wall 2:  Magnolia's books and toys and things to keep her occupied.  (This is not working and needs to be overhauled).

Wall 3:  Shelf 1:  Reference books, Timeline, File box with blank worksheets (like the life of fred journal pages, religion journal pages, blank maps, saint report forms, book report forms)  AND Daisy's books by subject.

Shelf 2: Our Cathechesis Corner with religion books and our family altar.  (Apparently the nutcracker represents the little drummer boy in our school room nativity).  Theoretically this altar changes with the liturgical season.....(the Christmas season was only over yesterday ;)  )

Wall 4:  Magnolia's desk and the student computer.

So there you have it,  the most popular posts of our year!  Thanks for visiting and please, leave a comment !  I love to read them and they make my day brighter!!!  If you have a blog, be sure to leave your address so I can visit you too!


  1. I want to be there, with you, drinking coffee, and sharing, interrupting each other :)

    1. Melissa,
      WHEN can we get together? It has been tooo long. Hope your school days are going well!!!